How to jumpstart your fitness routine TODAY.

If you had to take one step today to move toward your fitness goal, what would it be?
Join a gym?
Hire a trainer?
Throw out the junk food?
Those might all be good ideas for you, but none are the first step.
How about this. Stop waiting for life to be perfect.
That’s it.
What are you waiting for? Think about it. What is it that you’re waiting for to happen?
We all know that life isn’t perfect. Perfect isn’t a thing. Yet, we can easily convince ourselves that now is not the time.
We’ll get around to it next week.
Next month.
When the kids are older.
When we have more money.
When we have more time.
When this, when that.
Do you look up healthy recipes and let them sit, gathering virtual dust on your Pinterest board?
Did you borrow a workout DVD from a friend but it’s still in the case untouched?
Ask yourself why.
Are you waiting for a better, more convenient time?
What will that look like?
Is that picture based on reality or fantasy?
Stop doing that right now. Stop waiting.
Life is never going to be perfect and that is 100% okay!
Your success depends on your ability to manage the imperfection.
Keep in mind, this probably means redefining what “success” looks like. Spend some time and get introspective. What do you want and why? How will you know when you’ve reached your goal? And how important is that goal to you?
You may discover that you based your original goal on a “because I should” and not on something that was in line with who you are. It’s possible that is why your commitment has been less than complete. Commit to being wholly, authentically you and set out on your own path.
Take baby steps, crawl or drag yourself. But do something to move forward. As you do, you’ll find that you’ll feel more confident with each step and that will propel you to keep going.
What can you do today to move toward your goal?

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